On Today’s Menu: Tuesday – Wednesday December 24-25, 2013

We’re not even going to go into details about my horrendous eating on Christmas Eve. Mostly because I’ve forgotten what I ate. It’s difficult to write these posts on hindsight because you don’t get home til after bedtime. …okay, actually I ate a handful of small, bad things and I’m just being dramatic.

A Lindor’s chocolate truffle, a peanut butter truffle, the innards of a slice of cheesecake, the baklava canolli thing, probably something else, and I also ate my spaghetti squash with cut up turkey dogs. At least that was good. Then I went to Horizon and ate a cookie. I stopped after that because my chest hurt. My body had to physically hold me back from this sugar spiral. It was such a crazy, loopy day. I’m not too surprised I didn’t stop myself until physical pain stopped me. The last thing I ate Christmas Eve was the left over baked chicken and veggies and pistachios while I lit my oil diffuser, turned on my Christmas Pandora station, and watched the Yule Log while texting my friend. Sounds soothing. It was actually a bit depressing. And a bit soothing I guess to just relax a bit.

Christmas day was much better…at least feelings wise. I turned my heat on for the first time ever! Instant heat-y goodness! I decided on an impromptu trip to Waffle House for breakfast. I stuffed myself fabulously. Chocolate chip waffle, scrambled eggs, ham, hashbrowns, and a biscuit with strawberry jelly! Absolutely worth the sugar shock. It really helped get the craving out of the way. I tried to bake some lat minute healthy cookies. FAIL. They melted into a coconut pumpkin unsalvageable mess.

But even so, I didn’t crave bad things at Carol’s house. The food was amazing! Grass-fed lamb, pork loin with wine soaked prunes, mashed sweet potatoes with apples and onions! AH! And sparkling sake! And Carol’s older sister reminded me of Grandma and Auntie Carolotta combined. She was lovely to meet. Everyone was very kind to me and I appreciate Carol having me over for dinner. I quickly realized that even if you don’t celebrate the holidays, you don’t want to be alone for the holidays. Sharing in holiday cheer is something worth experiencing however you can.

I got to Skype the boyfriend when I got home. Just wanted to see him on Christmas. I won’t get to see him on NYE. Or my family probably. Everybody has plans it seems. But NYE is when the drunk crazies come out, and I’m seriously over dealing with just the holiday sober crazies. I also had my monthly hoorah. I’ll probably just chill. No worries.


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