On Today’s Menu: Sunday December 29, 2013


Turned out to be a splendid day at Puppetry. My only calls were to inform people that we were sold out and to exchange someone’s tickets to Charlotte’s web. And one person interrogated me trying to find some kind of loophole to nab tickets that didn’t exist any longer. And I had to deal with the burning aggravation of watching a woman use her kids to cut the line for Rudolph. Way to be a stereotype, lady. But overall we were really upbeat in the office. I even made it from 11:30 all the way to like 2:45 without being hungry when all I had was an apple. Then I got to indulge in my pumpkin chicken. Pumpkin could easily be the best thing I’ve done with chicken. And I’ve still got 2 1/2 cans! To be honest though, there was nothing around to tempt me so that’s a big reason why I ate so well today. Just admitting that to myself. The day flew by despite my excitement for the big surprise. . .

. . .

. . .



I adopted two sweethearts today from one of my burlesque class ladies. I met them first and they were really sweet and seemed to warm up to me instantly. I love being a cat person. Then we got them in their carriers and in my along with a lot of supplies that my friend and her husband gave to me to help the kitties get settled. They even drove to my apartment to help get everything set up here. Shana, my walking cotton ball rag doll, was darting all over the first floor while Rose, the beautiful calico baby sister, went upstairs, explored a little and then parked herself under the bed. Shana joined her soon after. I got on Skype with the boyfriend while letting the girls settle in and Rose came downstairs! She was super lovey-dovey out of nowhere as she came to me, then explored, then came back to me and followed me around while I was making dinner. Hot dogs and greens. Yes, I know the greens shouldn’t still be good, but they are! No mold, no bad odor. What’s up with that?? Rose went back and forth between downstairs and upstairs before finally calling it a night and going back under the bed. But not before plopping down on the stairs and growling at me when I tried to pet her again.

Shana remained under the bed. Silly girls. I wonder if they’ll allow themselves to try a new diet. I’m still a bit worried about all the dry food and no wet food.

But oh my god I have my kitties!! . . .and oh my god our un-dress rehearsal is in a week! AAAHHHH!!! I’m not ready and now I just wanna play with my babies! No like seriously, I’m still readjusting my choreography! ACK!


  • SNACK: Apple
  • LUNCH: Pumpkin chicken, sauteed vegetable medley (broccoli, zucchini, carrots)
  • DINNER: Hot dogs, greens
  • SNACK: Macademia nuts

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