On Today’s Menu: Monday December 30, 2013

And here I thought I’d get plenty of sleep since I don’t have work until noon. Not with two new babies in the house, one of which has found the entrance to Narnia and only likes to pop back out to mess with things downstairs. First I was worried about where Shana had gone and hid. But I reassured myself she was at least still in the apartment. Then Rose AND Shana were messing around exploring everything in the night hours. Rose also couldn’t quite decide if she wanted to sleep in the bed with me or not. I just didn’t want to roll over and squish her. By 7:30ish I wasn’t getting back to sleep and still no sign of Shana since I caught glimpses of her doing naughty things at night.

I kitty-proofed the closet and the vanity cabinets so Rose the adventurer Dragoon could run around. I also played with her and the Mardi Gras beads in bed for a little while. She’s a really good pouncer! No more bug problems for me! Shana is still hiding somewhere. I’m totally going to smack myself when I finally realize where she is. I also watched Doctor Who while hanging out with Rose until work. No, my Rose is not named for that Rose. My Rose is named for a much cooler, much more likeable Rose. Although I’ve come to despise Doctor Who Rose a little less with the other guy now out of the picture.

Anyway, work was smooth enough. Took some orders, caught up on voice mails, all the usual business. And I am definitely eating better because I prepared food the other day. I would totally be ordering a Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza otherwise. Not today, Little Caesars. I will keep my $5. I’m getting bored of chicken (and low on it) fast so I definitely need to go shopping in January. No fresh veggies maybe because of the week vacation…but maybe some cauliflower pizza crusts to freeze…and maybe fresh veggies for the first few weeks to ring in the new year right. More planning to do.

And all I can think about are my kitties and the dress rehearsal next Sunday! I finally had time to rehearse when I got home after a quick stop at Kroger pharmacy. Woo! I just need to figure out the garter, the robe, and the timing of the very end. Hmmm…

Skype date with the boyfriend! AND SHANA CAME OUT OF HIDING!!!!!!!!!! I was really getting  worried. So I got to show her to him in person. Yaaaay!! And I nibbled on Mandarin oranges from the can. I poured out the syrup and mixed them with raw honey, cinnamon, and stevita. Still has that weird tang to it. Probably from soaking in the syrup. Oh well. Anything ti satisfy my sweet tooth in a less detrimental way than discounted chocolates at Kroger or $5 pizza. But I get a baaaaad feeling that I’m going to eat something not good soon. I don’t know how to properly shake this sweet tooth. Suggestions?


  • BREAKFAST: Pumpkin Primal shake
  • LUNCH: Herb roasted chicken, greens, veggie medley
  • SNACK: Apple
  • DINNER: Pumpkin chicken, greens
  • SNACK: Mandarin orange slices

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