On Today’s Menu: Quick Recap

Wow! I’m really falling behind here! So much going on with being social and entertaining kitties and preparing for the Performance Track showcase. Aaaahh! It’s so close! Which also means I get to see my parents and my grandma so soon!

Although it’s a shame I fell behind because. . .well honestly I haven’t been eating such fantastic food since the new year began. I mean. . .no, I just haven’t. It’s mainly because I needed to go shopping. After I went through both my pumpkin chicken and my herb roast chicken, the rest of the chicken was still frozen. I didn’t realize how quickly I’d go through what I cooked or how disgusted with chicken I’d be after I went through it. Shopping was in order and that didn’t happen until Saturday, January 4. I did a huge Kroger run, inevitably ended up cooking chicken when I got home, but luckily I also cooked the spaghetti squash the night before so I also made spaghetti squash crust pizza!

You know why that’s exciting? Because on two of the days I missed writing about, I bought a Hot-And-Ready pizza from Little Caesars (they are large pizzas for under $6!!) and ate the whole thing in one day. Twice I did this! Because chicken. Because no more goddamn chicken! Also because I realize that healthy food helps me feel really good physically and emotionally. Yes, being social NYE was probably the absolute best way I could’ve started the new year despite eating bad food. I even ate more food my body doesn’t really want New Years Day. I was still really happy because I just felt good starting the new year, but I feel even better when I know my body is getting the nutrients it really wants. So yay confidence and happiness, but also yay health!

Now I have salmon (AAAHHHH! I BOUGHT FISH!), hot dogs, salad stuffs, the pan fried chicken, and I have since eaten the pizza. This will definitely last me through January since I’ll be back in NJ for a week. I should be nice and 80/20 Primal this month. Unless I’m out being social again on a budget with my friends. Then I might fall to Taco Bell’s magical inexpensive charm. Yeah, that was dinner last night. Cheap nachos (tortilla chips with cheese sauce) and a burrito and a soda. But it was totally what I wanted and I got to chill with my friend doing not burlesque stuff for a minute. 🙂 Also, go me for turning down the Krispy Kreme donuts at work yesterday! At least the Taco Bell satisfied me after a spectacular un-dress rehearsal and a good day at work where I ate well. That squash pizza was really good.

Okay, so quick food catch up. This is not necessarily everything I ate on these days, but it’s what I can remember that’s probably important:

Tuesday, New Years Eve: Brisket, a cracker with cheese, chocolate, cookies of some sort, lots of wine! (see the progression of drunk munchies)

Wednesday, New Years Day: Finished the pumpkin chicken, veggie medley, pizza, hershey’s dipped in peanut butter (with Bubble – I love my enabler no matter what!)

Thursday, January 2: Large pizza lunch and dinner

Friday, January 3: Large pizza lunch and dinner (there were lots of Doctor Who feelings leading to emotional eating)

Saturday, January 4: lara bar, spaghetti squash pizza, one piece pan fried chicken (I went shopping first thing in the morning, I’m certain I ate something else, but I can’t remember)

Sunday, January 5: spaghetti squash pizza, apple, nachos, burrito (replenishing my body with something after using lots of emotional, mental, and some physical energy at the un-dress rehearsal!)


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