On Today’s Menu: Monday January 6, 2014

Today was nice and productive in an I’m-avoiding-the-cold-at-all-costs-today kind of way. I checked off a bunch of things from my burlesque to do list. There are still a bunch more, but those are all special touch decorative types of things. Except the double sided tape. I need that to keep my knee highs up. Because apparently I have nice legs and bunched up knee highs don’t show them off well. That’s to be expected.

My robe and sash are fixed, my garter is fixed, I have a CD for my music, and my prop is effing cute with his little suit jacket and bow tie. I win cutest newbie burlesque performer of the year. Hands down. 😉

I also watched some more Doctor Who. Multitasking with the doctor is a bad idea. Your eyes need to be trained on the screen at all times or you’ll miss something important. So I finished sewing and then went back to watching. This evening I got to skype the boyfriend who I’M GONNA SEE IN JUST OVER TWO WEEKS!!! Thank you holiday craziness for making November and December fly! And thank you showcase craziness for making the first half of January fly! Life is so good right now. I don’t even  care that my brain is trying to trick me into ordering Dominos with my $5 e-gift card. Not tonight, Dominos! Not tonight!

Although I have been contemplating why I’m hungry so late tonight. I ate solid meals today and snacked on fruit. Two big bowls of salad for lunch. Then just a few hours later I had pan fried chicken (I definitely need to fry it at a lower temperature so it won’t burn and so it will be unquestionably cooked through) and veggie medley. Then I had the rest of the fruit bowl in the evening

But 8ish rolls around and I’m hungry again? Not cool. That’s why I was looking at Dominos. My body is clearly confused from the Taco Bell last night. That’s okay. We’re righting wrongs so that we can plan on wronging so many rights when I’m back in NJ. I’ve given myself a pretty food budget and the boyfriend has offered to pay for my drinks. But I  can be a bit of an expensive drink date so I may not fully hold him to that. Maybe just two or three. Or four. Depends on how well the Devils are doing. 😉

I think salmon is next on my list. It’s in the freezer. . .I should probably take it out, huh? I’ve got some thoughts. I better, because I’m back to work tomorrow and who knows what might pop up on the table. . .or at Katherine’s if I end up over there to help her with crafty things after work. We’ll see.

Last thought as I listen to my heating unit, I’m slightly worried about what my heating bill will be this month. I know I’ll be out for a week, but that’s going to be the first week of next month’s reading. And it’s been coooooold in here so I’ve had the heat on while I’m home and sometimes accidentally overnight. I guess it’s a good month to have part of a refund. And for getting commission for selling memberships. Woo! Parents saving money and entertaining their wee ones!


  • LUNCH: 2 bowls of salad with carrots and cheese
  • EARLY DINNER(?): Pan fried chicken with veggie medley
  • SNACK: Fruit bowl

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