On Today’s Menu: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goodbye, first week of the new year! What to make of you. . .

Well for one thing, work is a little light. I know it’s no longer the holidays. I know I was mostly expecting this. It’s still not a fun conclusion to reach. Work pays the bills, remember? Good thing I got a holiday gift from my grandmother. That will definitely help pad January a bit. It was a really slow day at Puppetry. Schools were closed today because it was literally subzero. I kinda think that’s bologna, but I’m also a Jersey girl. I walked to school in hip high snow. I’m unimpressed with Georgia’s weather response. I drove in today because it was so cold that I refused to sit stranded waiting for the public transportation system to get me around. No. I do not trust public anything when I’m down to the wire. So yeah, I drove in and did my four hours. I’m so glad my co-workers are so awesome.

I went to the nearby Wal-Mart (the one also right next to the burlesque studio!) and bought some of my last minute decorative things. I also stopped by Fabric World, forgetting that they don’t have small tassels, only giant ones for furniture or upholstery and things. So that’ll have to wait or it may not be done for the debut. Maybe if I do the routine again another time. I got home, made hotdogs for lunch/dinner and watched Doctor Who. But my brain wasn’t in the right place to really focus. All I wanted to do today was craft. I just wanted to make this box. That’s where my one track mind was. So I made the damn box! Happy brain? It’s made!

Nope. Brain is not happy because I don’t have the proper adhesive for the decorations I bought. I’ll need hot glue or something. But I already spent so much more than I was hoping to spend. Burlesque is an expensive hobby, dude. This blog post by Nasty Canasta was just what I needed to read today. Budget burlesque. Yup. That’d be me.

Another thing bothering me is feeling so dissatisfied with my food today. A lara bar and a big salad (a little boring, but lots of greens and carrots and cheese) was not what my brain wanted at work. I was still hungry so I bought a friggin’ pop tart from the vending machine. I got home, ate hot dogs, and was still really unsatisfied. I had a second lara bar in hopes of feeling better. It helped, but I’m craving pizza still! The time of day and my budget is holding me back for now, but dude! What the hell?

Oh. You know what it is? It’s water again. I’m dehydrated and my body is compensating by just going back to what it recognizes satisfies cravings. I love knowing my body. Sometimes I hate knowing what’s best for my body. One more quick shopping stop tomorrow. I could totally go for some pizza right now. But nope. I’m budgeting a big splurge in NJ. STADIUM SERIES! Someone from Prudential Center called me today asking why I was interested in getting tickets. I told her it would be a nice present for my boyfriend who got me into hockey in the first place and it would be fun on one of my visits to NJ since I don’t live there anymore. I hope that’s enough of a sob story. It’s not like it’s not true.

I wonder if dehydration also explains my sudden rage. Just pure frustration at everything. Which leads to emotional eating. Good thing the eating didn’t enter the mix until later in the evening so I could convince myself not to order the special hockey night dinner. BECAUSE I GET TO WATCH DEVILS HOCKEY TONIGHT!!! So I gnawed on the second fruit cup instead. Better for me? Really just a bunch of sugar and water. But it’s tasty. And water!

EDIT: GAH! Messed up the year for the first time this year.


  • SNACK: Lara bar
  • LUNCH: Spring mix/spinach salad with carrots and cheese
  • SNACK: Pop tart
  • DINNER: 3 hot dogs
  • SNACK: Lara bar, fruit cup

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