On Today’s Menu: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Whoa. I forgot to post yesterday and it just kind of happened and I can’t remember all of what I did! Like, nothing of importance! Other than making salmon. I COOKED SALMON! It was good too! I also nibbled on M&M’s when I met Bubble at the studio so she could pin my debutant dress. And I DID NOT go to Taco Bell because salmon and veggies trumps Taco Bell. Although if I could just have some of the spicy cheese sauce. . .no, Brenna! Bad girl!

Oh, and I bought water! Yay! And a box of Enjoy Life brownie cookies! YAY! So I shouldn’t snack on bad things, right?


Driving into work. Officially a bad idea. I could only get away with it Tuesday when the schools and businesses were closed from the sudden arctic blast. It was a bad idea yesterday and a worse idea today. Back to MARTA it is. And now I have less than half a tank. Boo. And our first show was cancelled because the school group that would’ve filled it had to cancel. So it was a pretty quiet day. Even the 11:30 wasn’t busy. I ate my apple and drank water and had salmon at the ready for lunch. And then a lovely co-worker brought in homemade oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies. Curses. I wasn’t prepared to handle that.

But the lineup came out for the showcase! SQUEEEEEE!! I’ll be the third of the newbies to go. And I just knew Bubble would be the last before intermission. The girl has had it put together for like a month! Rock on! Everyone is going to be so fantastic! And then I bid adieu to Performance Track. I’m so glad I did this. Best decision I’ve made down here. I should keep taking classes for the exercise. 🙂 Would that be okay with you, society? Can I take burlesque classes as exercise or does that make me a filthy whore?

I think you’re just jealous. 😉

I got home and ate my salmon and veggies I had packed for lunch today. Good track to recovery. Little did I know it was already too late for me. Four of those cookies did me in. I had a full-ish feeling, but a few hours later, just before I’m about to head to class, I was definitely hungry. Burger King coupons had just come in the mail today. Chicken nuggets and fries won’t hurt me, right? They even were making them “fresh” so I had to wait and thought I was running super late to class. I shoveled them down my throat in the car.

Bad. Idea. So bad.

Guess who got heartburn in the middle of class! THIS GIRL! And guess whose heartburn lingered from about 9pm to 4:15am! THIS GIRL’S!! But hey! I have a pretty debutant dress! And Bubble is going to help me with my makeup! And I sort of know how to care for my wigs now! And Ursula is a BEAST at makeup! And…well, I got to sleep eventually. AND MY PARENTS ARE COMING DOWN TO GEORGIA TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like putting a positive spin on 6 agonizing hours of pain. 🙂


  • SNACK: Apple, 4/5 oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies
  • LUNCH: Salmon and veggie medley
  • SNACK: 1 Enjoy Life double chocolate brownie cookie
  • DINNER: (typo’d that as “sinner”. Yup.) 10 chicken nuggets, large fries

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