On Today’s Menu: Monday, January 13, 2014

I miss my parents and my grandma. But oh my god this weekend! SUNDAY! WHOA! Rocked my showcase because awesome ladies. That is all. Nerve-wracking, but spectacularly fun! And the fact that my family drove down to see me made it all that much more special. So yay! And Dad finally got to try Daddy D’z! And we got to meet up with Age and Amber after the showcase! And we got to eat at the Porter! And dad also got to see the farmers market! And an extra hour of work! Good stuff all around this weekend!

Today was my relax day. The family came over to return my camcorder charging cord and Grandma had her leftovers from Daddy D’z and the Porter for breakfast. I had a banana for the time being so I could say goodbye and not have greasy saucy fingers. After they left (sigh) I finished the fourth season of Doctor Who, changed and cleaned the litter box, and–yeah, that’s about it. I was super sleepy all day. And I had my Daddy D’z left overs, but it left me with a telltale ache in my chest so I didn’t eat again til late evening. Didn’t even snack or anything.

So of course today is the day Dominos starts their newest 50% off all pizzas deal. The day I’m afraid of getting heartburn. The day I can stay up as late as I want because I don’t have work. Ha-freakin-rumph. But duuuuuude. Pizza! $5 gluten free pizza! It’s my 20 side of the 80/20 rule so I can stop being hypocritical when I say I fully advocate for clean eating. Because I do. But I also understand I’m human. I’m a girl. I’m very emotional. I love to eat. I’m often very lazy.

True story.

So pizza it is! The universe just decided to make it as stressful a process as ordering pizza can be. The food tracker told me my delivery had arrived. No one there. ten minutes go by and I decide to call. I’m put on hold. Ten more minutes go by and there’s a knock on the door. Seriously? Not cute, Dominos.I thought you delivered my pizza somewhere else and I was going to lose all my southern grace and kick someone’s ass!

Or just be very stark on the phone. Y’know. It’s whatever.

I ate pizza, drank the cider I took home from the Porter last night, and vaguely watched wrestling while scrolling Facebook.Rose doesn’t understand what it means when mommy wants some time withOUT a furry cat butt in her lap or squeezing into the tiny wedge between her leg and the bed. She hissed at me earlier and that’s when I kicked her off the bed first. Oh cats. I do love them regardless of anything.


  • SNACK: Banana
  • BRUNCH: Ribs and broccoli casserole (Daddy D’z)
  • DINNER: GF small pizza (6 slices) and hard cider
  • SNACK: Enjoy Life brand snickerdoodle, LaraBar

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