On Today’s Menu: Tuesday January 14, 2014

Wasn’t today the day I was going to get stuff done because yesterday I did not? Yup. I’m a role model for adolescents everywhere. I did stack dishes in the dishwasher! And cleaned the litter box! Boom! And cooked a bit! I found a use for the nibs on the ends of my chicken thighs that I cut up into tenders. I cooked them with the frozen peppers and onions as a side dish. Ended up eating them with a piece of salmon. They’re fine separate, but the peppers were too bold to blend with the salmon. No worries. I had a happy belly.

And did I mention MY DAD FIXED THE LIVING ROOM TV!! So now I can watch TV in the living room and feel less like a schmuck who never gets out of bed while still doing schmuck things like plonking myself in front of the TV all day. Life win! And I had a hockey Skype date with the boyfriend and ate pizza. Why yes, I am the best girlfriend on the planet. Although occasionally I put my foot down with wrestling. It’s just…it’s just so silly sometimes, man. For real. But usually I can get behind it. But priorities. Except it gets tricky when the boyfriend is the priority, but wrestling is part of the deal.

Anyway, he watched the Devils game and I watched the Flyers game. Luckily, his game had a positive outcome despite mine being poopy. Good game though.

Unfortunately I had to miss Tease Tuesday because I wanted to get enough sleep to survive two work shifts. Horizon tossed me a shift tomorrow night. Priorities. šŸ™‚ Just don’t want to get lost and forgotten though. I’ll catch up when I get back from NJ and hopefully have some steadier income again. ::daydreamsofholidaypaychecks::


  • LUNCH: Salmon with sauteed onions and peppers and chicken
  • SNACK: Banana, 2 Enjoy Life soft baked cookies
  • DINNER: Dominos GF pizza (6 pieces)

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