On Today’s Menu: January 20, 2014

I totally did stuff today. Laundry. Cooked eggs. Got my bustle skirt tailored. Was social. Went to the farmers market to grab some stuffs. I also totally bought Taco Bell with Bubble and ate the rest of the cookies when I got home. Because hormones. I shouldn’t be so nonchalant about it like that. Downward spirals are bad. And it doesn’t help to go into a vacation in the midst of a downward spiral. Just–whatever. No, Brenna. Hush. Life is so good right now. You have plans to destroy your guts on Sunday while watching hockey. Other than that, you can slowly get yourself on track. It’s up to you. So hush or do something about it!

Gee. Thanks for that pep talk, Brenna.

Anyway, I have packing to do tomorrow. I also need to take the car to STS for an oil change and tire check. Then later in the evening I’m taking Rose and Shana back to their sister Tami’s house for the week while I’m away. I’m gonna miss my kitties. Pains in the ass they may be, but I love them. And Rose let me hold her today!!

That was my day. Ended it with wrestling and Tabletop. Wil Wheaton lost more of my respect by saying bacon is bad for you. He’s lucky his show is so awesome.


  • BREAKFAST: Eggs with sauteed onions and peppers
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • DINNER: 3 grillers from Taco Bell
  • SNACK: Again, too many cookies to count (I wanted to get rid of them)

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