On Today’s Menu: Thursday, January 30, 2014

I’m trying something new today. Let’s talk highlights and lowlights of being a struggling sugar addict. Let’s focus our conversation.

I fully accept that January was a pretty bad month for clean eating. My body thought it was time to hemorrhage a week early which meant I got PMS-y a week earlier than that. Then it decided to still show up the week it was expected to show up. That equals three weeks of NGJRFIBGLFUDIPBGBAPFJDIBVLOHFLBVOGFSH!! And to end that last week of said expletive, I was on vacation in NJ. So yes. January got a little out of control. I take full responsibility after my brother helped me see the light while noming on a Taco Bell griller right in front of him. I’ve fallen so far.

Today I decided to take a stand against my lackadaisical attitude towards my health lately. Also, I refuse to spend another unnecessary cent on crappy food. . .y’know, it’s always so easy to proclaim these things on your new day one. I could use some encouragement to make it last. A little community. Or at least no more suggestions of Taco Bell despite $1 grillers.

Highlights of today: Everything I ate was completely paleo-approved! And I discovered the best way to bake sweet potatoes!  20140130_160937 Easiest time I ever had peeling them! They pretty much peeled themselves! I also did dishes (with the machine and by hand) and hung up clean laundry and cooked! AND MY KITTIES ARE HOME!

Struggles: I forgot what hunger felt like until today. Except it wasn’t real hunger. It was I’m-used-to-eating-crap-whenever-I-want hunger which is equivalent to boredom hunger. So I ignored it. It yelled at me, but I’m really proud of myself for shutting it right the hell up. Now I just need to figure out how to maintain this when I’m back in my work routine. Again, if anyone wants to take a 3 week challenge and see if they’d like to join my little clean eating community, I always welcome new members to the fold. We’ll keep each other strong!


  • BREAKFAST: Tomato bisque with hot dogs
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • DINNER: Almond flour crusted salmon with veggie medley and a baked sweet potato



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