On Today’s Menu: Friday January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year, especially to my fellow Year of the Horse born brothers and sisters! Nothing like a couple of extra hours at work to make up for missing out on 8 hours of work. Because snow surprise in Atlanta. Oh? What’s that? Was I supposed to do the insidious small but slowly growing pile of dishes when I got home? Hmm. Hey look! Cats!

Highlights: I got two extra hours of work today! And I still didn’t buy anything from the vending machine! I feel really good just for that. Personal integrity and I are getting reacquainted. I also got to working on a grocery list for February. It involved lots of back and forth with my Kroger digital coupons and a couple of paper coupons. Yeah, that’s right. I’m getting into couponing. Also, my cats are too gorram cute! AND DEVILS HOCKEY!

Struggles: This whole fake hungry thing sure feels real. And Divinci’s Pizza is right across from the MARTA station. And someone was having pizza or something for lunch and all the lunch smells from the first floor hallway waft upstairs. And birthday cake! And burger king and Wendy’s coupons! I had a really scary moment today. I realized that if offered that stale slice of birthday cake from the fridge just last week, I might’ve taken it despite the state it was in. Yes. My body has a huge bounce back to go through. But day 2 of recovery was not unkind. . .other than I got home and prepared some dinner via leftovers in the fridge. . .they were left over too long. . .so I ate a huge orange instead that didn’t appear to have gone bad, but my appetite was mostly spoiled.


  • SNACK: Larabar
  • BRUNCH: Two hot dogs with sauteed onions and peppers
  • DINNER: Pumpkin chicken, veggie medley, mashed sweets (couldn’t finish because it tasted awful)
  • SNACK: Orange, Larabar (I felt like I needed to make up for not eating dinner.)

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