On Today’s Menu: Saturday February 1, 2014

Today is a wonderful day. Simply wonderful.

Highlights: I won the 5 hour battle against a big box of doughnuts in the ticketing office today! William is a such a sweetheart to bring us stuff though. I love my co-workers. And we had some friggin adorable patrons today. I’m not even talking about the little ones. These were two Asian girls straight out of an anime. KAWAII! My grocery shopping trip was right on target thanks to my coupons! I felt like one of the extreme couponers, although they would laugh in my face if they saw what I spent. Still, I saved almost $25! And the best thing of all?

2 coupons for these bad boys: 20140201_185652

Struggles: I think this one is pretty obvious. 5 hour battle against a big box of doughnuts. Also making myself cook when I got home from shopping was a bit of a trial. Not too severe actually, but I did have a few wandering thoughts to just quickly grab one little fast food burger. I overcame it as I remembered how much money I spent on shopping (quuuiiiiiiite a bit, but still under budget!) and how awesome burgers would be with my grass fed beef! The real struggle is yet to come. This is only the first day of February. How motivated will I feel in just maybe 12 days? There’s no room for fast food this month (thank god).


  • BREAKFAST: Tomato soup with hotdogs and sauteed onions and peppers
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • LUNCH: Salmon, sauteed onions and peppers
  • SNACK: GF animal cracker, a block of Lindt 70% dark chocolate (just taste testing)
  • DINNER: Grass-fed beef burgers with shredded cheese in them on a bed of spring mix greens and a side of mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: So Delicious brand frozen dessert (another big highlight!)



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