On Today’s Menu: Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another great day! I got up at 9ish and prepped lunch, dinner, AND snacks for today so I wouldn’t snack on bad things while I was out of the house literally all day. And it was a smooth run the whole time! Happy happy happy girl!

Also, the boyfriend is super nifty. He’s just tops, ladies and gents. The bees knees. That is all. Let’s talk highs and lows from which we build!

Highlights: Prepping my food for the day when I go out is so empowering! I had zero inclination to get anything I shouldn’t. Maybe the hard cider was the least good thing, but like I said: my 20% will at least be gluten free. There were many laughs at work at Puppetry which always makes for a good day regardless. At Horizon, every single ticket was picked up and every ticket was easily accounted for. That’s NEVER happened to me before! And then another phenomenal  burlyQ show! There’s so much love with those ladies and gents! I’m so inspired! But it’ll have to wait til morning. . .and after cleaning dishes and maybe doing laundry and organizing around here. Still, it feels amazing to feel inspired to do awesome things!

Struggles: Not much today. The typical cravings for the leftover doughnuts and the concessions cookies, but it was so quiet today that I can barely call it a struggle. Happy day! I got a little crave-y tonight after three Angry Orchards, but. . .GLUTEN FREE! And only ONE piece of dark chocolate once I got home (and some pinches of cheese). None of the Hershey’s kisses that were given out during the show or the box of chocolates I got during the show.


  • BREAKFAST: Ham and cheese from inside the Hormel REV wrap from the free Friday coupon
  • LUNCH: Ham, kale, carrots, and cheese wraps
  • SNACK: GF animal crackers
  • DINNER: Hot dogs, sauteed onions and peppers, mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Lara ALT bar, one square Lindt’s 70% chocolate, pinches of shredded cheese

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