On Today’s Menu: Monday February 3, 2014

BOOOOOORING! Such a boring day. Exactly what I needed. 🙂 Luckily I have two of these boring days in a row so everything I didn’t feel like doing today I can happily do tomorrow. Well, I guess tomorrow I’ll see how happily I do them. I suddenly realized there’s more to my chores than I thought of today.

Highlights: I ate well today despite the boredom meter going off the charts. I took care of the tear stains on Shana’s fur. I also made a friggin gorgeous ham and cheese omelet that I forgot to photograph. My bad. Oh, and I did a load of dishes. Oh, and I did a lot of social media fun stuff today. Very productive. Oh! And HOCKEY! I love when I get to watch my Devils play. I hate that I call them MY Devils. Blame the boyfriend. It’s entirely his fault.

Struggles: Being bored really makes me want to eat. Eating is terribly entertaining. I think my amazing grass fed burgers were slightly too undercooked. I’ve had a bit of a stomach ache all day since eating the last two today. It’s actually sitting just above my stomach like it’s heartburn. I’ve learned that any sensation in my stomach is immediately registered as a hunger pain first and foremost. Like eating will solve any pain problem in my gut. #formerfatgirlproblems #weightisnottheonlyindicatorofhealth I ate lunch at a weird hour so it was technically dinner I suppose, but like a really early dinner. But by the time I was hungry again it was already after 9. What’s the point of eating that late other than tempting heartburn? I’m not using that energy for anything.


  • BRUNCH: Ham and cheese omelet
  • DINNER: 2 grass fed burgers on a bed of kale and spring mix
  • SNACK: Larabar

EDIT: I ended up having a small salad with less than ideal balsamic vinaigrette because my stomach was rather unhappy. 80/20 allows me to live.

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