On Today’s Menu: Wednesday February 5, 2014

Whatever the previous week has been, today was the antithesis of that. Soon as I posted that my week had been spectacular, who’s back to make their home in my bathroom? The m-f’ing ANTS!! Woke up with the plan to get dressed and run to Kroger before work to get Raid. Dead car battery. Waited 35 minutes for the (albeit super cool) AAA guy to arrive. At least I got some tea. Because I waited? Late for work. Oh, but no worries. I had to drive to work or my battery might die again. Stuck in traffic. 30 minutes late to work. Forgot to pack snacks. 5 1/2 hours to kill between work and dance class. Not enough gas to go home and come back. No Raid at the convenient stores in the area. Still can’t find my complex key.

Um. There were highlights in there somewhere, I swear!

Highlights: I very much enjoy making my meals for the day. I feel extremely empowered by slapping food in a tupperware container and carrying it with me like a sack lunch. POWER! The AAA was very nice and informative about not trusting mechanics to be honest. Saved me from getting duped! I think. I have fantastic co-workers who make work a breeze. I found a neat thrift store during my aimless travels. Also I bought a DS game for $3! Boom! I got very appreciated compliments in my dance class! Shucks! I believe I came out on top in the food struggle today. As the final hour of my terribly long 5 1/2 hours drew near, I figured it was time to get myself a snack for the evening so I wouldn’t go 5 more hours and this time with nothing on my stomach while dancing. So I bought more GF animal crackers (the cheapest and most plentiful option) and was surprised with the ongoing save $0.50 coupon! Yay! Also, my brother is my rock. My Grok rock. My victory today is for him. And Sharpie. Don’t ask. 🙂 Adapt or get dropped! Happy 1/2 birthday!

Struggles: . . .really? Must I? We’re having such a good time now.


  • LUNCH: Chicken tenders and veggie medley (I used a packet of non-paleo ketchup and soy sauce because that’s how quickly I ran out the door today. 80/20)
  • DINNER: Salad of spring mix and kale with carrots, avocado slices, and ham shreds
  • SNACK: GF animal crackers

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