On Today’s Menu: Friday February 7, 2014

When you get 3 extra hours of work AND get to Skype date with the boyfriend AND watch ants slowly wither away into the embrace of death, you know it’s a good day.

Highlights: Not only did I have lunch and a snack for today, but because I was indecisive, I also have lunch for tomorrow already packaged! Good day at work today. I got to watch Weather Rocks! It’s cute, but it’s a LOT of information to process for young ones and it’s not always clear when it’s sung on top of loud rock music. And extra hours! I treated myself today because I was Skyping the boyfriend. I had a thought to dip animal crackers in melted chocolate. Yum! Although the flavors didn’t blend like I thought they would. And then I had frozen dessert not ice cream coconut milk ice cream. Yup. That’s how I’m going to title it. I also had inspiration to plot out a future story while commuting today. It’s giving me trouble, but I figure it’s worth the frustration since it’s a topic I’m passionate about for an audience I love working with. Also, MAGICAL STARSIGN!! It’s so cute and as I get further into the game play, I’m getting way into this game! It’s a super simplistic plot, but it has very interesting battle features. The fact that it’s night or day can make or break a fight! And of course I love magic! 😀

Struggles: I wonder if my treat tonight will throw me off track. I wholeheartedly accept my little splurge knowing how much worse it could’ve been. And I saved it for a special occasion. The thought is the struggle. I also struggle with these coupons for fast food. I don’t want to get rid of them juuuuust in case. I also wish I was confident enough in my income that I could tear them up right now and use the money I might’ve spent on those things on more groceries. I made it through the first week of February so let’s see where this monthly grocery run gets me. I’ve got my fingers crossed!


  • SNACK: Larabar
  • LUNCH: Tomato soup
  • DINNER: Salmon with a side salad (and not the best balsamic dressing)
  • SNACK: Animal crackers in melted chocolate, Coconut milk ice cream with almond and chocolate

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