On Today’s Menu: Saturday, February 8, 2014

Having extra time in the morning means a great many things. I can cook or clean. I could whip out my new DS game that I’m crazy over. I can budget (that’s what I did). I can ponder over how my current income could make visiting loved ones or loved ones visiting a bit tricky. However, it also somehow means a good day lies ahead.

Highlights: We started making the mural for the ticket office wall! I made a really pretty sun and rose and some last minute grass. I’m a crafting beast! And my lunch was so satisfying that I didn’t eat my larabar I packed for a snack. I got to hang out with my friend today and accomplish shopping and Torchwood! Wooo! $35.01 filled my gas tank today! Also, traffic getting onto 85N after work was a breeze because I passed most of the time watching the top 13 proposal videos on the internet. Yeah, that’s right. I sat in traffic and watched youtube videos. Guess I’m a lawbreaker. Gonna put me in jail where I’m given 3 square meals a day and maybe I’ll go back to school on your dime?

Struggles: Fun, but slooooooow day at work. Which meant boredom eating hunger pangs. But I beat them. Social situation dictated my friend and I go out for cheap Burger King dinner. No buns. I thought I was on the verge of heartburn immediately, but now I suspect my body was just crunched up on the bed while we watched Torchwood so I just had digestion issues. It went away after standing for a few minutes and sitting straighter in my car. But you see, this is indeed a special occasion because I was out with my friend. Still. I think next time I’ll just have to break social code and just not eat out. Lesson learned.

But my food will last a day longer!


  • BRUNCH: Spring mix and kale salad with avocado (and the not so good balsamic dressing)
  • LUNCH: Chicken tenders, veggie medley with liquid aminos to season (and the not so good ketchup)
  • DINNER: Bunless whopper jr.’s, two small fries

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