NAP Time: Snow-pocalypse Part II?

Sorry, native and long term Georgians. Honest. But it still makes me giggle that a winter storm watch puts Georgia into a state of emergency. Call it my New Jersey princess roots. No, I’m not laughing at friends and loved ones stuck in the mess. I’m laughing at the situation in general. A state of emergency. For black ice. Something that comes around every time water meets cold.

Which also means you’re more than welcome to laugh at we native northerners and our silly heat waves and panic over an earthquake. What are we, pansies? You got it! We’ve been babied into being little pansies.

So what are we all afraid of with these clashing climates? What is the real scare here? It sounds like the big issue for Georgians is the devastating thought that their tax money, already a precious commodity being stolen from their checks every two weeks or monthly or per gig or what have you, is being wasted on something they don’t need. The money that they are forced to give up to the state of Georgia to protect them wouldn’t actually be protecting them. It would be better off still in their wallets! Like if every home in NJ was suddenly bumped in price because we were forced to have special earthquake resistant door frames and foyers. Damn straight I’d be pissed!

The idea that this is most definitely the thought running through every Georgian’s mind and yet they worship their government that protects them until it doesn’t — this idea frustrates me to no end. You don’t want your money wasted, but what about those programs you don’t support, but a majority of people think it would be in your best interest to have or not? ANYTHING that is publicly funded that you have to lobby to change. ANYTHING like that is a waste of your money. But guess what. If you lobby to change it, now it’s a waste of someone else’s money. You’re okay with that?

What if — and bear with me here — you took care of yourself and each other? Voluntarily. What if you kept all the money you earned and could pool that money with the neighbors in your town to buy your own plows and your own salt trucks? What if you took matters into your own very capable hands instead of the hands of incompetents? And if you think you’re not capable, if you think we common people are not capable, what on earth makes these people in office any more capable? When have politicians proved themselves as anything but more capable at spinning words?

I declare we take care of ourselves and our roads and our cars and our homes. Our health. Our lives. And before you say, “But without government, no one would want to help each other and nothing would get done!!11!!1!!!11!!!!”, remember the  beautiful, kind people who went out into the snow-pocaplypse to give people food, water, help them to shelter, and more. They would help. They would care. Without force.

“I choose anarchy because anything else would be uncivilized.” -Jeffrey Tucker


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