On Today’s Menu: Tuesday February 11, 2014

I have a real problem with  getting stir-crazy. It actually motivated  me to get chore things done. That and an oncoming winter storm. I was even spurred to top off my tank and do some last minute shopping. Just meat and fruit/larabars. And Arkham Horror Part 1 with the boyfriend. Hopefully we can continue tomorrow if he’s not too tired and I still have power. Oh man I’ll be a sad girl if I lose power. Because the only canned thing I could get with my dietary restrictions is likely just the canned soup. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to spend the next few days noming so the food won’t go bad, but I can’t afford to run through my food that fast. Not after losing another 4+ hours for tomorrow in anticipation of the storm.

Highlights: Accomplishing chores. I vacuumed, I did dishes, I filled the quarter tank of gas that I used, and I got a couple snack groceries in anticipation of boredom eating. It’s bound to happen. I’d rather be prepared with good snacks than to eat the prepared meal foods. I cooked the big salmon fillet for dinner and had good stuff for lunch. I stared down the gluten free cookies and snacks and I said no. Boom! However, I may try some next shopping trip because I have a coupon! Oh. Was today supposed to be an IF day? Oooooo. About that . . .

Struggles: Occupying myself for the majority of the day when I’m not working is not fun. One thing I finally made myself do was attempt to clip the cats’ nails. Shana – no prob! Rose? Oh Christ almighty! I also struggled with my sugar intake today. A real fight at the store in the snack aisle. It was a bad idea to have those animal crackers yesterday. It’s also a bad idea to not have a contingency plan for when I’m off from work. Harumph.


  • LUNCH: Ham and spinach rollups w. pasta sauce (BAD combo – it tastes like a smoker’s breath!)
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • DINNER: Salmon fillet with broccoli and cauliflower
  • SNACK: Coconut milk ice “cream”

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