On Today’s Menu: Valentine’s Day Weekend Friday-Saturday February 14-15

Guys. I made a choice to eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Because chocolate. I own that choice and the descent into madness to which it led me. I wonder if it’s because I ate those rice noodles. Eating rice last time started a pretty bad spiral. I wonder indeed. But the point is, I accept the horrid food that has entered my body the last two days. And to this I say, “Happy Chocolate Heart Genocide Day to all!”

Highlights: I got to skype my brother. That was pretty awesome. It was just like talking in his room when I lived in NJ. Good times folks. Y’all need to go on and get yourself a brother like mine. Chocolate is delicious. I got an extended work shift Friday which made up for one of the days I missed from the snow. AND IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE UP TO 70 DEGREES NEXT WEEK!! My final Book Club Play shift at Horizon, again, went really well all things considered. Only missing tickets for one person, but of course it was a board member, but of course we found a way to accommodate because Horizon will get things done one way or another. Kudos to you, Horizon theatre. Much kudos. I stuck to my plan to eat badly ONLY for Friday night by not buying a second pizza at Little Ceasar’s even though they were having a special! Oh, I also have the greatest boyfriend in the universe. 🙂 No, but seriously, he’s pretty damn special and I’m exponentially better for having him in my life.

Struggles: . . .again, do I really need to even say it? Downward spiral of chocolatey chaos in my body. And pizza. And drinks. All to celebrate the day of love. Next year I should make a plan to love myself extra hard that day and NOT eat the crappy chocolate. Maybe just the 90% dark. . .ughh. I want to gag thinking about chocolate that dark, but I’ll bet there’s no soy to emulsify it. No heartburn, but I took preventative medicine Saturday night just in case as I vented to the boyfriend, ate the last three pieces of my deep deep dish pizza and had schnapps and coke. Actually, that was a pretty good time. Emotions on the fritz. Planning my future is scary, man!

Can she get back on track? Find out in the upcoming episodes of On Today’s Menu!


  • SNACK: Apple, chocolate hearts, mini chocolate cupcakes
  • LUNCH: Chicken stir fry with rice noodles
  • SNACK: More chocolate crap
  • DINNER: Deep dish pizza


  • SNACK: Apple, chocolate cupcakes
  • LUNCH: Ham and kale rollups
  • SNACK: Larabar, a pocky biscuit
  • DINNER: Salmon, spinach, mashed sweets (I almost forgot I left it at Horizon from Monday!)
  • SNACK: Chocolate Espresso cookie (from Horizon)
  • (SECOND DINNER?): Deep dish pizza

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