On Today’s Menu: Sunday February 16, 2014

Curse you, Dominos coupons! I hate you! I will ignore you! But beautiful weather, you are my best friend for life! Please cheer me up and get me back on track. It’s going to be tough this week. That time of the month and all. Everything bad feels BAD. Everything good feels short-lived. Having this much estrogen SUCKS!

Highlights: I got some extra time at work. I wonder if people understand that yes, I want the extra hours, but also I like to help where I can. That sounds conceited to say. It doesn’t sound truthful when you admit that out loud. But this is my blog, so shut up. 🙂 I didn’t eat anything super bad at work. Just noshed on GF animal crackers when I said it was supposed to be an IF day. I laughed today. The sun came out and it was warm today. There. That’s a highlight. And The Walking Dead. And Mike’s Hard. Gotta get rid of it.

Struggles: No IF day. I really fought hard not to buy anything. It was lonely when I got home. I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I don’t understand why. It was really a very beautiful day. I had some great patrons. I felt very in control. I got some extra hours. But I got home and my energy went POOF! I would really like it to be tomorrow right now. I have no control over what I’m writing. This is literally stream of consciousness because it’s that kind of day. Out of the blue.


  • SNACK: Gluten-free animal crackers
  • DINNER: Chicken stir-fry with rice noodles and salmon
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • (SECOND DINNER?): Rice noodles with hotdogs and pasta sauce

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