On Today’s Menu: Monday February 17, 2014


Ahem. I ate a lot today. Except I don’t think I actually did. I was just really bored and still a little upset from yesterday. Oh by the way, tack on two pieces of dark chocolate to yesterday’s menu. Couldn’t resist. Almost cried myself to sleep over a silly grouping of pixels. Today was much better though. Warmer AND I got to be outside to enjoy said warmth for a little while. But the boredom eating. . .dude. It’s powerful. I can’t wait for my next clean streak! I can’t wait to feel normal again.

Highlights: I took the long route to take the trash out so I could enjoy the 60 degree weather. I started fixing a previous project that broke after its reveal. Survived the reveal. Died after. I figured out my vacuum needed the filter cleaned. I cleaned the compact grossness with a plastic knife. I’m super resourceful. I’m accepting that my savings are in my account for a reason. I won’t go nuts with money I am meant to be saving, but I’m getting better about buying things I need. Like stain remover. I watched Tabletop. I skyped the boyfriend! That’s seriously all I need to feel better. Even if it’s a short reprieve from loneliness, it’s perfect. And we discussed the myth of intellectual property! Which I am still grappling with. Interesting concept to discuss with an interesting man. Freedom is popular, folks.

Struggles: Entertaining myself enough to stave off boredom eating. I went to Wendy’s for lunch, made it an open-faced burger, and still managed to eat the other bun. Oy! And I’m just bouncing back and forth between feelings all because this is gonna be a really fun week. In case this is taken out of context, fun is meant in the most sarcastic tone one could possibly manipulate out of vocal cords. Damn you, emotions! But I think today was better than it felt earlier. I can’t think of much trouble other than the one overarching struggle. So good on ya, Brenna.


  • SNACK: Larabar
  • LUNCH: 2 Wendy’s burgers, 2 small fries
  • DINNER: 3 hot dogs, spinach, mashed sweet potatoes
  • SNACK: Dark chocolate square

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