On Today’s Menu: Wednesday February 19, 2014

One more month! Whoa. So yesterday my bed wouldn’t let go of me. Today, I wouldn’t let go of it. Me and my crazy young hooligan shenanigans. And glitter. So. Much. Glitter. But anyway, work. Yay! Good day today! And the best part? I turned down February birthday cake! Yeah, buddy! I celebrated with celebratory Chinese food! I didn’t choose noodles — I chose chow mein! I ordered spare ribs. Protein! Aaaaaand General Tso’s chicken. But only because it’s the best thing ever! And two free eggrolls. Because free. And rice — look, I’m trying. I’m hemorrhaging. Leave me alone!

Highlights: Overcoming many little battles. Not holding myself to perfection. Good news at work. Good people at work. Good day at work. I just felt good today despite getting very little sleep. Probably because the weather went up to like 70 degrees!! AAAHH! The sun even tried to visit a few times. It’s a good day.

Struggles: Food. That is the struggle forever. Cake. Pizza. Subsidized cheap stuff. Food. So when I can say I won any of the battles, I feel good. I’m missing dance class tonight. Still cutting back on things this month due to suddenly losing about 19 hours of work. I’m also super tired. I ate too much Chinese. Where the hell did my self-control go?! Remember last week. . .two weeks ago? When I was being so awesome? ::sigh:: The boyfriend’s and my three year anniversary is in a month and I’m gonna be by myself. But that didn’t really get me down today because we’re still planning a visit. And because I know I’m going to see him on the day. And because I keep remembering I’m the luckiest lady on this planet. . .oh. Struggles. Right. I guess those are they. 🙂


  • LUNCH: Ham rollups
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • SNACK: Chocolate square
  • DINNER: General Tso’s chicken, BBQ spare ribs, egg roll, chow mein, rice (taste testing everything)

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