NAP Time: Article Highlights. . .Lowlights.

I’ll stop talking about police brutality when you START talking about it. Repeat after me: SHINY. BADGES. DO. NOT. GRANT. EXTRA. RIGHTS. Now stop praising monsters! Please!

“But Brenna, not all cops are bad! These are exceptions.”

Where are these “good” cops? Where are they to stand up for individuals like this woman? Where are they to speak out about how many cadets entering the force turn into walking, breathing crimes against humanity? The mantra is supposed to be “to protect and serve” not “At the end of the day, I just want to get back to my family.” Sob sob. Boo hoo. Give me your money.

I have no doubt I’ll be talking about this again soon. Maybe we could introduce the idea of private police. No, not the SS. Those were public servants. They served the State which served the public. They too claimed “I’m just doing my job.”


Yeah, this happened. And I’m about to take a flight in June. I am still blown away that so many people believe these situations are absolutely acceptable.

“But Brenna, this is horrible! I don’t agree with this!”

Yeah. You do. If you are okay with the TSA, then you are okay with this. This is what the TSA does. They do not catch terrorists, they hassle “random” strangers. They do not protect you, they humiliate you. And you accept this humiliation because somehow you feel safer. I certainly don’t. I just feel anxiety and helplessness. That’s what the TSA wants. That’s what the State wants. Dependency upon them so you think you couldn’t use common sense to take care of yourself. This ill man’s harrowing experience is the result. Pfft, and they want to ARM the TSA. . .

I may not make it to my friends’ wedding because I’ll be damned if some stranger with an ego getting paid through MY paycheck is going to stick her fingers in my vagina like she is actually searching for something. She’s not searching for my g-spot and she’s not looking for a commitment. I’m not okay with either of these things from someone wishing to grope me. Sorry I’m not sorry for my bluntness.


I’m going to ask the following: If a man who raped you or a woman who killed your loved one walked into your business and wanted to be served, how would you feel about being forced to serve them?

“But Brenna, this is totally different! You can’t discriminate against gay people! They didn’t hurt you! That’s mean! They have rights!”

Assholes will be assholes despite the law. You don’t have the right to penalize someone because he is doing what he wants with his money and business. Unless that penalization is ostracism. That’s fine. Just don’t go there anymore. What, is the next law going to force me to shop in your store specifically because it would hurt your feelings if I didn’t? Discriminating against people is DUMB. It’s stupid, but people will do it anyway. It’s when the law backs it up that discrimination becomes dangerous. That’s what people are really talking about when they speak of the Civil Rights movement. Discrimination against blacks was enforced by LAW. Take the State and the law and the bull crap out of the equation and a person who discriminates is just a jerk.

What were we taught about bullies when we were little? Just walk away. Don’t whine and gripe and hold a gun to the bully’s head and make him do what you want. If you do that, you’re the real bully. So yes. I’m glad these states “allow” (as if they gave permission. . .) business owners to refuse service to homosexuals or blacks or Asians or people with freckles or geniuses or mom’s of three or more children or anyone with purple in their clothing. It’s a right that the business owner has. You’re a worse person than that business owner if you would force him to serve people he doesn’t want to serve. You don’t have the right to make that decision for anyone. Just walk away.


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