On Today’s Menu: Friday February 21, 2014

I had THE weirdest dream. Clearly it was a sign of a good day to come. But it actually was a sign of weird things to come. What a day. But not a bad one overall.

Highlights: While there were some hectic moments at work, I felt like I handled today very well overall. I didn’t eat so badly today. I got to Skype with my brother AND got to see the boyfriend and our friends while they played Gloom. I guess that’s one interpretation of “Wanna just say hi for a minute?” And by Skyping, I wasn’t eating! Win-win baby! I read a reddit article my brother sent me. I was inspired and decided this needed to be a non-zero day! So I did dishes! Wrote another NAP Time post. I had feelings to release. Unfortunately people write me off as extreme or radical or dreaming of utopia. Then again, what’s wrong with utopia? Doesn’t mean it’s impossible to achieve.

Struggles: There were some off kilter moments at work. I tried to handle it as best I could, but I question how it appeared I handled the situations. I think it all worked out though. I know Skype distracted me from wanting to randomly eat or boredom eat, but I could feel my mind straying. Dude. I am really disappointed that I was mistaken on how I would handle one day of indulgence. I would really like to get myself back in gear immediately. Unfortunately that might mean throwing out the rest of my General Tso’s chicken. . .but I don’t have it in me to waste food! Throwing out rice is one thing — it’s free with the meal — but throwing out an actual meal item? Nope. I’ll eat it quickly and get rid of it for lunch and dinner tomorrow maybe. Long shift ahead. No cake. No nonsense. Not even if I go to Amber’s. Nope. Won’t do it anymore. NON-ZERO DAY!!


  • LUNCH: General Tso’s chicken, broccoli and cauliflower
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • SNACK: Chocolate square
  • DINNER: BBQ spare ribs, rice

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