On Today’s Menu: Sunday February 23, 2014

What do you do when your hair is a mess? Throw that junk in a bun and stick a hair flower in! I think I looked cute today. 20140223_110647

I know I had a great day today! 12-5. Kind of boring after the last show started and we had 2 hours of not much to do. But stuff still found a way to be done so yay! We had a bit of time just geeking out. Have I mentioned my co-workers are awesome? We might doing a CPA game night. I like the idea of a CPA guild in an RPG. They were talking Pathfinders. I don’t know any very well, but I’m game to try! Also looking into some hush hush stuff. Don’t want to talk too much about it lest some people get any ideas. But I might still be dancing around the rebellious stages of my life that should’ve cropped up in my teens, but my maturity growth was stunted in high school. REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE!

Highlights: No cookies! No fast food! No snacking! Yay! I even brought a Larabar just in case, but I didn’t eat it. I was full after finishing off the General Tso’s and the BBQ spare ribs for brunch-ish. Got me all the way from 10:45 to 5pm! I’m getting back on track ladies and gents! I just need one tough day of saying “no” and I can swing my leg back on this wild horse! I look super cute today. I didn’t even want to change when I got home. It’s Sunday! The Walking Dead! My hours for this week are bangin’! I look forward to grocery shopping on Thursday after work. Making coupons and my giant order of goodies from Tropical Traditions work for me!

Struggles: Booooooorrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg! There was a lot of time to kill today. But still it was totally find because like I said, my co-workers rock. Today was really good. Not much to say in terms of struggles. I guess my laziness is holding me back from dishes, but that’s what Monday is for. Monday and Tuesday are my weekend. Although I’m working tomorrow night, I have time before then to do dishes. NON-ZERO DAY!


  • BRUNCH: General Tso’s chicken, BBQ spare ribs
  • DINNER: Ham wrapped hot dogs with broccoli, onions, and peppers
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • Meat wrapped meat with a side of veggies! Now that's Primal!
    Meat wrapped meat with a side of veggies! Now that’s Primal!

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