On Today’s Menu: Tuesday February 25, 2014

Today was another slow day, but I was totally cool with just chillaxing today. I got some things off my list. I didn’t use the car so I could conserve the gas for the last few days of February and until my next pay check. Yay paycheck to paycheck with a little bumper in savings that I don’t want to touch unless absolutely necessary! ::sings:: I’m a big kid now!

Highlights: Every now and then it’s really nice to have a day just for myself. I didn’t do much and that’s totally cool. I scooped the kitty litter. I washed my hair. I had a liberty related conversation with a facebook friend who wasn’t rude. I texted the boyfriend. I had pizza for dinner. Usual things, but so nice to do on a laid back day. Surprisingly, I wasn’t craving food all day. I even waited out dinner as I was getting hungry and didn’t snack before or after!

Struggles: My chicken I was going to use went bad and I still don’t know if I should trust the last can of tomato soup. I don’t know yet what made me sick yesterday. That means I had to buy dinner. Harumph. I’m still annoyed about missing work yesterday. I got a real hole in my heart today. Is it April yet?


  • SNACK: Gluten free animal crackers
  • LUNCH: Grass fed burgers, some veggies (but I didn’t like the taste of them so I didn’t eat much)
  • DINNER: Dominos gluten free pepperoni pizza

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