On Today’s Menu: Wednesday February 26, 2014

Today was a good day for living, bad day for being my guts. I thought I could make it 3 days with the food I had in my fridge. I was wrong after Monday’s shenanigans. So I didn’t have breakfast save for a larabar which meant I had to buy something to nosh on. I even beat my subconscious and bought potato chips from the vending machine instead of chocolate chip pop tarts. I would get lunch when I left. But my potato chips got stuck! So I had to buy TWO just to have the one I wanted. Then I was asked to stay later (yay!) but that meant I had to order lunch. I beat out my subconscious yet again by ordering wings instead of pizza and water instead of a can of soda. But I could barely focus on my food because I had been given the task of seating 1300 kids to one of our most popular shows! And I think I almost gave myself heartburn. But dude. Extra hours!

Highlights: My subconscious rocked it today! Chips over pop-tarts. Wings, though still battered, over pizza. Going to Kroger for cleaning supplies over being lazy and going right home!  YES! I felt super professional and on task today. Despite joking around with my friend, we got through a pretty hectic day. Woo! I got to cleaning my bathroom where the ants seem determined to migrate. Shot those sons of guns with lavender scented Raid. Suck it! And smell pretty! I owned my food choices today. I had Wendy’s for dinner. There were buns involved. I accept this as fact. I also have groceries coming. Special groceries. I will be shopping after work tomorrow and life will be good. Let’s get back on track! I just hope my meat doesn’t arrive on a day I’m at work all day. If that goes bad I swear to Christ I’ll FREAK OUT! Have I mentioned I have the best brother on this earth? Because I do. Just saying.

Struggles: My stomach is unhappy with Wendy’s and jumbo wings as its sustenance. I’ve felt on the brink of heartburn all day. Why would you say a bathroom cleaner is no scrub when you clearly need to scrub after applying it? These falsehoods upset me. I don’t like feeling like my house is a sty. I know there are limited places to put a litter box in a dinky little apartment, but I thought I had a good thing going where it is. Then all of a sudden the smell got particularly bad a few days ago. Another product that lies. Odor blocker my butt! Thank god for glade plug-ins! All is right with the world once more. Oh, also, it’s a bad idea to use Raid in a small bathroom unless you’ll be out of the apartment for a while. That. Stuff. Is. Strong. And lavender scented! . . .but POISON!

Look what got lost at work a while ago! DIBS!

I love my job.
I love my job.



  • SNACK: Larabar
  • SNACK: Potato chips
  • LUNCH: Chicken wings, fries
  • DINNER: Wendy’s burgers

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