On Today’s Menu: Thursday February 27, 2014

Chaos abounds! Never a dull day at the puppetry center.

. . .that’s a lie. But today was not that day. This week with having three shows going on in a matter of two hours things have been kind of crazy. We also just happened to have some of the most. . .shall we say. . .interactive. . .patrons from schools. Look, if two other people told you that something wasn’t part of your field trip because it wasn’t paid for, then coming to me to ask the very same question will not yield you different results. Nor will your passive aggressive attitude, my dear. Oh puppetry. I look forward to starting full time with you if just for the stories.

Highlights: I got some more extra hours today! I’m not as worried about February as I was. I’m still being money-conscious. I’m just happy to have the time to work. I didn’t eat bad things put in my face in the way of leftover school lunches. My 6lbs of bison arrived today!!! It came in dry ice so even if I didn’t get home til later it would still be frozen. I went shopping today. Turns out Thursdays aren’t good days to shop. Pretty pitiful selection except for the things I DIDN’T need. Oh well. I can do without chicken this week. DEVILS HOCKEY IS BACK! MY DEVILS WON TONIGHT!! I learned that I don’t need pasta anymore. It’s literally just a means for justifying eating everything on top of the pasta. Pasta is tasteless and dumb. . .it’s just terribly convenient. I packed lunch and dinner for tomorrow so I won’t eat the pizza my boss is buying us. Yay planning ahead!

Struggles: I have anger issues. I need to work on my road rage. . .and letting stupid little things bother me. I’m avoiding posting politically charged posts on my Facebook wall. It’s not east when I follow so many pages that I want to share every single post. I think one of the pages deleted a comment I wrote. I can’t imagine why, but it upset me. Shopping is just plain not fun. I hate searching through the aisles and I hate spending so much money without realizing. Oh the trials of being a big girl.


  • BREAKFAST: Leftover chicken wings
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • LUNCH: Innards of “chicken”(??) and cheese sandwiches, orange juice cartons
  • DINNER: Gluten free pasta

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