On Today’s Menu: Saturday March 1, 2014

Happy March! This was a strong start to the month! A long day, but a definitely a good one! I seem to recall saying that on that week or so long streak of eating well before Valentine’s day crushed it. Hmm. Anyone want to take bets on how long this streak will last? I’m hoping this will be the longest one yet as I go on weekly grocery trips instead of a monthly one. Two days in and I’m doing fine!

Highlights: Not too many crazies today. No, it was pretty calm. I got to feel an unborn baby kick for the first time ever!! ZOMG!!! My lunch and dinner were extremely satisfying. My body won over my love/hate of pizza. I’m officially over pasta for the time being. The boyfriend is keeping me updated on his trip to Atlantic City. Hope he wins big! I took a trip through Atlantic Station yesterday. They have an ItSugar! WHAT? And a gourmet candy and ice cream place! And burger places! I ate really well yesterday too!

Struggles: My breakfast smoothie failed. Pizza. I actually scraped the cheese and meat off a slice to put on my gluten free noodles for dinner. My two hour break felt like five hours. Had a couple of patrons with bad attitudes. The evening patrons didn’t start showing up until about half hour before the show was meant to start. It’s the little things. I’m already over it because today was great.


  • BREAKFAST(ISH?): Chocolate strawberry smoothie
  • LUNCH: Chef salad
  • DINNER: Gluten free penne with pizza cheese and toppings
  • LATE DINNER: Gluten free noodles with cheddar cheese and butter

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