On Today’s Menu: Monday March 3, 2014

The only positive side to having a KFC and Four Loko night seems to be that I sort of do an unconscious intermittent fast day. I went to Wal-Mart and Kroger to run some errands. Got some good news, but it calls for some last minute expenditures. It’ll keep my list short though! Then there were the things I actually needed. Like new cat litter. But no chicken once again. Why do people like chicken breast? It’s so dry and gross! Sheesh! But on the flip side, TODAY IS BISON BURGER DAY!!

Highlights: I got my lazy butt out of the house! I cooked my ground bison! I didn’t eat very much today, but I also wasn’t starving so I think I can call this an IF day until I had dinner. Yummy yum bison burger! Skyped my family today. Always awesome to see them, especially when I’ve been feeling pretty homesick lately. No exact reason, just how I feel. Probably from this week’s craziness. Had a nice long conversation with my brother. Glad to know those can still happen with Skype. I’ve got supplies to put a costume together. Happy St. Patrick’s Day/Ides of March/March Madness/Mardi Gras/ every other March holiday!! Today was a relaxed day. I appreciate that.

Struggles: The good news email did send me into a small panic for a while. But I’m more prepared than my nerves lead me to believe. Bring it! Part of my costume doesn’t fit right. I’ll have to fix that tomorrow. I need to be more patient with my kitties. I’m a learning kitty mommy. Rose is suuuuuuuper needy. I think I want to work on that wet food regime. Slow and steady. I felt cravings as I walked through Kroger. Boo. I could’ve gotten more done today. Looks like Tuesday is going to be the day.


  • SNACK: Leftover pieces from LJS fish
  • DINNER: 2 bison burgers, sweet potato chips
  • SNACK: Dark chocolate square
Grass. Fed. Glory.
Grass. Fed. Glory.

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