On Today’s Menu: Tuesday March 4, 2014

Today is the last day of my last Monday-Tuesday weekend! I start my full time schedule tomorrow! I think I blew out all my energy in my first two and a half hours of being awake. Once I got home after running errands, I wanted to do absolutely nothing. I started work on a costume bottom trim and started planning some flowers on gloves. I did dishes! I cooked brunch! I changed kitty litter! But then I just watched TV and dealt with boredom hunger. Poorly dealt with boredom hunger. Clearly it’s anxiety getting to me.

Highlights: Regardless of what little amount got done today, this is a clear-cut NON-ZERO DAY!! Yes! Sewing, washing, changing the litter box, scrubbing the tub, avoiding confrontation. Go girl! I used almond milk in my eggs today. It was delicious. My chocolate milkshake was delicious too. Less chocolate and using a honey sweetener was much better than my fail chocolate strawberry smoothie from the other day! Have I mentioned my boyfriend is pretty darn neat? He is. He keeps me level. Sometimes I need to be level.

Struggles: Laziness was powerful today. I think I spite myself unconsciously sometimes. When I have all the time in the world, I divvy it out how I please. Sometimes I’m productive. Sometimes I’m not. Either way, I’m content because I have time. When time is ticking, I want to do nothing but troll Facebook and watch a marathon of 16 & Pregnant and feel sorry for myself. ZERE’S NO TIME! GET EEN ZE CHOPPA!


  • BRUNCH: Applegate sausages, 3 eggs scrambled with almond milk in them20140304_113936
  • SNACK: Raisins, larabar
  • DINNER: Tomato soup
  • SNACK: Chocolate almond-milkshake

    First use of my CANADIAN RAW HONEY!
    First use of my CANADIAN RAW HONEY!

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