On Today’s Menu: Wednesday March 5, 2014

My birthday is in 5 months! Our anniversary is in two weeks! Today was much less insane than last week! Oh, I’m listing all the highlights before the highlights sections. Let’s jump ahead then, shall we?

Highlights: My first full day went really well. I got yelled at or got an attitude a couple of times on the phone for no real reason, but it didn’t sway me because my co-workers understand what some people are like. I saw THE SWEETEST baby today. I’m only sorry we couldn’t get her into the 11:30 show, but she was so smiley and sweet! I turned down peanut M&M’s! I ate good food today instead. Actually I got through today without eating both of my meals. Only had my chef salad and a larabar. All I needed. I got to skype with der bofrend! . . .where did that come from?

Struggles: Food temptation. Boredom temptation. Emotional temptation. Anxiety. Getting in over my head. Feeling lonely. All these things seeped in through the cracks of my good day. But it didn’t overwhelm me. Not today. I’m giving up nightshades and dairy to see how I feel afterwards. I think it’s a bigger stand than I’m currently anticipating, but I want to try and see. So I used up my cheese and tomatoes today and won’t be buying more next trip. I am still very anxious and pretty lonely. It surfaced in the form of a Facebook status last night that got responses I wasn’t expecting. They made me feel better.


  • LUNCH: Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, ham
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • SNACK: Cheese
  • DINNER: 3 hot dogs

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