On Today’s Menu: Saturday March 8, 2014

Things are going to be hectic until Wednesday so I can’t guarantee a post each night. Last night involved Four Loko so no. No post. And bad morning. But I got home at a decent time today and used the time productively so there was still time to tell y’all about my day. Which was either insanely slow or just plain insane. Oh Saturdays during an educational puppet show. The show is great. Individuals see this once they are convinced to go. The issue seems to be convincing them to go. It’s a really good show. What’s not really good is taking 30 minutes (thank god we weren’t busy) to individually count money for a field trip envelope by envelope and pray to the cosmic boogieman that it adds up right!

Highlights: I rocked my cravings today! They didn’t stand a chance (despite all the whining I did)! Yes, I broke down and ordered Chinese food, but only because I literally had next to nothing in my apartment this morning which meant nothing to bring to work. I ordered Mongolian beef and beef with broccoli. Didn’t touch the rice. Left the Chinese food at work so it wouldn’t be a temptation. Boom. I went shopping immediately after work. Got everything I need except arrowroot powder. Cooked burgers and chicken tenders. I FINALLY MADE PERFECT CLEAN MAYONNAISE!!!!!!!!!! THE DEVILS WON TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Struggles: Work today was an egregious amount of time on my butt doing not much. It just can’t be helped on slow days. That’s nothing against myself or my co-workers. It was just a slow day. Groups that arrive in separate cars are the worst. Groups that pay with cash at the window while dealing with each ticket bundle individually. . .oh dear. I appreciate the attention to detail, but if we had been busy today, that simply would not get done. It was a mental struggle to get me to prep food tonight, but I felt so good about my lunch choices and for being motivated to go shopping that I fought through the screaming and knocking a glass off the counter and realizing that arrowroot powder is a key ingredient for the recipes I really wanted.

Today was good.

#cleaneating #paleonnaise


  • SNACK: Larabar
  • LUNCH: Mongolian chicken

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