On Today’s Menu: Tuesday March 11, 2014

I have been rocking my meals since I went shopping. Even with this positively insane week as a deadline approached, I still ate well. All except Friday night when I decided to skype the boyfriend, drink the other Four Loko in my apartment, and eat an entire package of K-Toos. That was a poor life choice. But I’ve bounced back well. I’m very honest about what I eat when I post here. If I’m not specific, expect that it’s bad and I’m terribly embarrassed. In this instance, take my word that I ate very well and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished

Highlights: Good, quick day at work today. I took this deadline and crushed it between my beautifully gloved fingers. Good thing I finished the gloves at work on Monday. 🙂 First Monday at work was a good one. I have met some pretty fabulous people since I started taking burlesque classes. When one activity makes you feel better about yourself both physically AND emotionally, it must be a good thing! The boyfriend’s and my anniversary is just over a week away! Three years! Say whaaaa–?? And the last year spent living in different states? Yeah, I’ve got the luck of the Irish when it comes to this man.

Struggles: I don’t handle stress well. It makes me want to quit things I know deep down would excite me to do. On the other hand, I need to learn to balance what I can really do and what I need to pass up based on my availability and my need for  an occasional rest. Money is no longer the biggest stress so I need to learn to take my days off. The deadline was a big stress. The additional aspect to it was a stress I accepted after contemplating the whole situation. And it paid off!


  • BREAKFAST: Chocolate banana almond milk shake
  • LUNCH: Bison sliders, sauteed broccoli and cauliflower

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