NAP Time: Back to the Basics

I follow The Libertarian Homeschooler on Facebook. She posted this video that is a very basic building block to understanding actual freedom, whatever that freedom means to you. After a Facebook conversation I had a couple of weeks ago, I realized there’s a key flaw in the argument for the current government we have. It’s this social contract idea that is maddening. If you want to have laws, you have those laws. But if I don’t want them, you can’t make me follow your laws. You want to talk about property and ownership? Let’s start with this video. Let’s fix things, please!

I’m pretty much decided on homeschooling my child. If she decides she likes being owned, that will be her choice. It won’t be from indoctrination. It’s something I’ll need to discuss with the child’s father to whom I hope to be married and it’s something for which I’ll have to be financially prepared. Then other circumstances come into play.

As any other not-yet-a-mother-but-wishing-to-rear-a-child-as-awesome-as-me, I’m extremely worried about the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, why’s, and most certainly the how’s. This video, according to the Libertarian Homeschooler who also lives in Georgia by the way, is great for little ones who can’t read yet. I wonder since the language itself seems a little complex at times. I guess we would talk about what some things in the video mean, like property, liberty, theft, slavery. The things the Libertarian Homeschooler’s older boy understands. . .wow. It’s beyond incredible. He has a bright future ahead of him. I hope I’ll be as good a mother. Better get started on my education!

Looks like the iconic sailor from WWII who sexually harassed a woman in the streets has died today. I don’t celebrate people’s deaths except those who deserve death for trying to harm another person. I don’t actually know anything about this man other than he kissed a woman without asking her consent so I’m not celebrating his death. I also don’t know if the woman was okay with the kiss or not. All I know is that grabbing someone and kissing them when they aren’t expecting it and may not want it is a TERRIBLE idea and should NOT be celebrated. I would go so far as to say it is CRIMINAL. If this happened today, that man would be sans a set of testicles.

Although something tells me if this happened today for the same reason, the cops would care just as little as they clearly did back then. “Oh what’s the harm in a little kiss? Lighten up, toots! We don’t follow our arbitrary laws if enough people don’t take it seriously.”

Til he gives you herpes with that dirty sailor mouth. Then you’re the slut and he’s still just an egomaniac.


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