On Today’s Menu: Friday, March 14, 2014

Another great day. MAN I’m on a roll! Working day and chillin’ night. Things were accomplished and that makes today a non-zero day. What more could I ask for? Other than not being all by myself in my apartment. And random bouts of pissy-ness. I better get to cleaning so I can start having The Walking Dead parties.

Highlights: I conquered my mind today. Many times I won the battle. It’s getting easier everyday. Didn’t get take out for lunch. Didn’t get takeout for dinner. Made my grocery budget work by trimming the unnecessary things (except the ice cream I promised myself for the boyfriend’s and my anniversary next week). Even the ice cream was a fight in my head, mainly because I was once again still trying to be good and then fighting price, and realizing being “good” still involved canola oil. But I won. Because screw that stress! Got complimented from three different places: a patron, my co-worker, and a cashier at Kroger. This was a strong way to lead into my second weekend day off from work.

Struggles: Each battle was tough while I was fighting it. I’m anticipating more very soon because unfortunately food is necessary, and good food is scarce and costly. It’s about to be that time of month and I’m wondering if I wasn’t using my hormones as an excuse before. I didn’t feel psycho all week. I don’t feel psychotic episodes incoming. Will I be able to remember how I’m feeling right now the next time the battles arrive? That’ll definitely be on the 19th if not sooner. Long distance sucks. Living alone sucks. Thank god for chocolate chip pancakes.

I feel like it’s almost time to actually start my letter to Mark Sisson.


  • BREAKFAST: Frittata
  • LUNCH: Two bison sliders, slice of frittata
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • DINNER: Chocolate chip pancakes, some with sunbutter

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