On Today’s Menu: Saturday March 15, 2014

NON-ZERO DAY! Those are the best. It’s been a week since going dairy and nightshade free. . .well not nightshade free. I’ve avoided the obvious offenders like potatoes (no fries is HARD) and eggplant and peppers as veggies on my shopping list. I learned that cayenne pepper is a nightshade. But cayenne has such beneficial qualities in it. Maybe just dairy free is the key. And no white potatoes.

Highlights: I made “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” AND broccoli cream sauce on spaghetti squash today! Today was basically a cooking day. That’s a-okay by me. I got fancy with the sauce and the cereal, but sometimes you need to just slap some lightly marinated boneless chicken thighs on the fire and be done. Yup. Or slice an onion for salad. Or eat a handful of chocolate chips. I did a little cleaning too. Skyped the boyfriend for a minute. It was basically a chill day. A non-zero chill day.

Struggles: I put myself in a funk. I think cooking and washing dishes and watching TV has kept my mind off what put me in the funk. For the most part. Can it be April right now please? Like right now? This very moment? . . .Or maybe last April and I can rethink a few things? Is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Does that apply to friendships too? I miss my tribe. It is small, but it got me through my day when others turned me away and even when I let myself down. Maybe I’ll grow into the communities in Georgia too, but it looks like I’ll do what I always do: find individuals that I connect with rather than the whole community. I have beautiful people in my life down here, but my tribe is still up north.


  • BRUNCH: Cinnamon Toast Crunch with bananas in vanilla almond milk
  • DINNER: Spaghetti squash with broccoli cream sauce
  • SNACK: Handful of EL Brand mini chocolate chips



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