On Today’s Menu: Sunday March 16, 2014

Did everyone survive the Ides of March? I don’t know, this morning I felt like I took a knife to the guts. Yesterday when I said a handful of chocolate chips I actually meant about four or five palms worth plus a shot of those bad boys. The prosecution would like to present exhibit A:

Exhibit A:  About an ounce of dope. . .I mean, EL Brand chocolate chips.
Exhibit A: About an ounce of dope. . .I mean, EL Brand chocolate chips.

This is the first time I think I can truly debate whether or not my hormones are affecting my emotions and not just how my body is skewed from eating. I ate as well as a girl could eat this past week. No tremendous cravings. No wayward feelings. Then the day before I’m supposed to start that wretched time of month, one things makes me feel a little jealous and lonely and I have a couple of crying bouts throughout the day, let loose a torrent of feelings on the boyfriend, and I can’t hold myself back from chocolate. My emotions can get pretty big though. It’s worth a deeper look.

But that was yesterday. Today is today. Started off weak, but work distracted me and my coworkers left me feeling back to my normal self. We’re going to have a The Walking Dead viewing party next week!!! Finally got to the next episode of Doctor Who. Still not terribly fond of this Doctor, but this episode I didn’t notice. Maybe because I was too scared of the freaking angels. Freaking angels. . .

Highlights: Funny how going to work cheered me up. I’m hoping to host my first mini party at my apartment next Sunday. Freezer fudge and fruit sound like good snacks. They’re super considerate of not just chomping down on food I can’t eat while we hang out. Thanks guys! Working my way through Doctor Who again. AND THE WALKING DEAD IS ON. HOW CAN THERE ONLY BE 3 MORE EPISODES??? OH MY GOD I NEED SO MUCH THERAPY AFTER TONIGHT’S EPISODE!!!

Struggles: I usually feel instantly better after crying myself to sleep. It lingered this morning, but work made it pass. I was bored hungry when I got home. I had the “if you don’t eat it now, it’ll be there tomorrow” fight, which also leads to the “but this is easier to eat at home so just eat it now and there’s plenty of other things in your fridge” fight. My brain is a mess sometimes.


  • BREAKFAST: Frittata slice with vanilla almond milk
  • LUNCH: Salad (spring mix, mushrooms, onions, carrots, balsamic dressing)
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • SNACK: 2 slices of ham
  • DINNER: “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” with vanilla almond milk

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