On Today’s Menu: Monday March 17, 2014

I’m hesitantly teeming with excitement for my self control this past week. Hesitant. But I think making that frittata was the best thing I’ve done since moving to Georgia! One slice got me a long way today! It didn’t even matter that I forgot a snack on this slow Monday at the center. Another good day though! I’m officially setting my sights on POC. Three months to put together 2-4 epic sexy cross dress videogame characters! And http://www.lightinthebox.com has surprised me with lots of pretty things! I’ll take a closer look tomorrow. I’m making a shopping list! Here we go!

Highlights: Another splendid day of eating well. I think everyone needs a support system. At this point even if my co-workers don’t eat the same way as I do, any time they consider me when getting food or even just offer me something knowing I can’t eat it but just being polite, I get that support. So thanks guys! I’m definitely past that funk from Saturday. But I still miss my tribe. I’m really excited about piecing costumes together. Ever since last week’s marathon costume build, I’m so ready to be a bad cosplayer/costumer! I CAN’T WAIT FOR JUNE!

Struggles: I’m having a powerful debate about how to split my days off from the center. My weekends are Wednesday and Thursday. I have the option to spend a few in April at Horizon making some extra cash, but dealing with that particular stress. On the other hand, I could use the weekend to relax and cook. And relax. Money or chill time. Thankfully money isn’t the biggest issue now. Although if I want to make some epic costumes for POC, I think I need a little extra spending money. And time. I offered up half of those weekends to Horizon. I hope the money is worth the trip.


  • BREAKFAST: Frittata with almond milk
  • LUNCH: Spaghetti squash with broccoli cream sauce
  • DINNER: Ham wrapped hot dogs

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