On Today’s Menu: Saturday March 22, 2014

Wow, I’ve been awful about posting. Probably because holy hell my life ate my life! It’s my fault, really. I want to do good things and it bites me in my cute butt. That’s right. I love my body. Get over it. So I basically worked nonstop since last Sunday. Although yesterday I was paid to watch the tech preview of 1001 Nights, our next show. IT’S AWESOME! That doesn’t seem like much work time, but this was also the week of the Red Wrath so. . .yeah. Having eaten so well since last Monday, I think this whole week was a chance to actually understand how my body reacts to this on the clock explosion of my hormones. That’s left this as a very satisfying, rage and anxiety inducing, educational week.

I can’t remember everything I ate Thursday and Friday (ie: I can’t be bothered to sit and think about it), but I did go grocery shopping last night so I’m stocked for this week with good things! I haven’t ordered out once since. . .I’m going to say Monday March 10. Go me! And today I got through 8 hours without even wanting food. What? WHAT? Fat energy win! ‘Twas a good day. And tomorrow will be better. THE WALKING DEAD VIEWING PARTY WITH HALF PRICED GLUTEN FREE DOMINOES PIZZA!!!!

I cherish my support system that helped me reach a point where it’s easier for myself to say no to things I know I don’t want and accept what I do want, all consequences included. Thank you, support system. Let’s celebrate with freezer fudge and clean brownies! . . .I know I said March would be girl scout cookies, but I saw a recipe I was suddenly desperate to try and it looks much simpler. I LOVE simple recipes. There’s always my weekend to bake cookies.


  • BREAKFAST: Three scrambled eggs, three breakfast sausages (farmer’s market)
  • DINNER: Pan cooked chicken, roasted broccoli and mushrooms (for the days when you don’t have saute pans clean, you throw that junk in a casserole dish!)
  • SNACK: Sunbutter brownie batter, Enjoy Life chocolate chips
  • Food prep win.
    Food prep win.

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