On Today’s Menu: Sunday, March 23, 2014

My brownies were yum-tastic. I parsed that words from an arsenal of adjectives to maturely and articulately describe these brownies. They got the thumbs up from my co-workers too! That’s definitely a go-to recipe because it’s nut free. Pretty high in fructose and/or glucose, but it’s okay if I’m giving it out to a lot of others. It was an on and off slow day. Not much happening, but still some prepping for THE WALKING DEAD VIEWING PARTY! I’m a hosting newbie, but I think I did a good job for my first time! It’s a great excuse to keep my apartment clean!

Highlights: I’m getting so good and food prep and meal planning! I left my salad at work yesterday because I went like eight waking hours without eating. Spectacular! So I had brunch and then dinner. Having my friends over was AWESOME! Okay so half of us didn’t know what was happening in the show, and there was lots of talking rather than watching, but it was still awesome. AND OH MY GOD THE WALKING DEAD!!

Struggles: Dominos enticed me to break my dairy-free streak. After calling ME to confirm my pizza wouldn’t have cheese, they went ahead and put cheese on it. Thanks, guys. No more of that. (Future Brenna: there will also be NO MORE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION!) It’s days like today, really spectacular days, that I miss the boyfriend the most. It would be awesome to co-host gatherings every week. . .What’s that? Oh you mean we did that in NJ? Game night, you call it? Ah, I see. Yes, I do miss that terribly.


  • SNACK: Sunbutter brownie
  • LUNCH: Salad (baby spring mix, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, ham)
  • DINNER: GF pizza (unfortunately with cheese because Dominos is stupid)
  • SNACK: Sunbutter brownies

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