On Today’s Menu: Thursday, March 27, 2014

I know smoothies are very sugary, but I had one for breakfast the last two days. Today’s had bananas, blueberries, AND strawberries. Hmmm. . . Well I reasoned out how the pancakes won’t be bad for breakfast because it’s coconut flour and bananas and I wouldn’t have all the batter in one go. Or I should just be honest and say I’m enjoying some sweet breakfast to lead me into a good day. But then I also have to be honest and say that because baking happened today, there was a lot of spoon and batter licking. So. Much. Chocolate. So today I took it easy on the food again. My body must be having a minor panic attack. So worth it thought because I FINALLY MADE PALEO THIN MINTS!!

#cleaneating Thin Mints. I win Spring.
#cleaneating Thin Mints. I win Spring.

Highlights: This was definitely a non-zero day! I got to baking, which turned out spectacularly even though I ran out of chocolate coating! THIN MINTS! I don’t know why I’m particularly excited about this recipe, but I am. I got to skype message my brother. Yay! I even had a really good day at Horizon. NO COOKIES! Hah! That will forever be a highlight.

Struggles: It’s tough to only have work in the evening. My day gets all skewed. I took in sooooo much glucose today. That’s what happens when you’re the baker. You get to lick the bowl! . . .and the spoons. . .and the the forks, and the beaters. Really it’s a fair trade off. But holy cow, I felt that.


  • BREAKFAST: Strawberry banana blueberry smoothie with almond milk
  • SNACK: Paleo Thin Mints (a lot of taste testing today)
  • DINNER: Bison burger with sauteed onion topping and a side of sauteed broccoli

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