On Today’s Menu: Friday March 28, 2014

Long. Day. But I stayed on track. Mostly. How do you wake up at 5:30am and STILL manage to run out the door late? I’ll tell you how. ANTS! I swear this isn’t on me anymore. Those creeping little vermin freaks found another way indoors! They’ve found four ways into my home now. GTFO! So I took like 20 minutes just trying to take care of that which put me behind. Not cool. The day was uphill from there though. . .my cats are still alive even though running out of the house meant I forgot to refill their food bowl. . .ants are terrible.

Highlights: Carol is trying hard to work with me to make both June trips happen. My new co-worker is in a band. Neat!  I snagged some neat stuff from the free table today! Cookie tin, a Harry Potter music box, and some lovely lotion. I filled the cookie tin with my #cleaneating Thin Mints. BOOM! PERFECTION! 1001 Nights seems to be doing really well! I’m so glad! It’s a great show! Comps are in for April with the boyfriend!

Struggles: It was a long day. My friend brought cookies and also nachos from Moe’s. Temptation is the devil! But I turned it down. I’m afraid I won’t be able to work out the June trips without a dangerous driving trip or a detrimental hit to my June pay. I think I jut need to take the hit to my schedule and put myself on standby for the Wednesday and Thursday I usually take as weekend days. But I’d really hate to miss out on my friends’ wedding.


  • BREAKFAST: Sausage and 3 scrambled eggs with a glass of banana, strawberry, blueberry smoothie
  • LUNCH: Spaghetti squash with pureed cauliflower “sauce”
  • SNACK: Thin Mints

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