On Today’s Menu: Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cookout Sunday! The workday itself could’ve been better, but it was nice to see everyone coming together to bring and share food with everybody else. It was a nice thing to turn to on that chaotic day. I thought I did a good job not eating things I shouldn’t. I had two burgers and a hotdog, both on gluten free bread. Yes, it was only gluten free so not ideal, but I accepted that. I also ate chips, fruit, and some of my #cleaneating Thin Mints. They were complimented! Yay!

Then I felt the spiral. It wasn’t for the M&M cookies or for the pastries downstairs. It was for chips. I just shoveled chips in my mouth on Monday. Chips and fruit. And it was another crazy day on Monday. My first crazy Monday. I ate BBQ chips to the point where I once again didn’t feel actual hunger all day and I was putting chips in my mouth without realizing I was doing it. What the what? Ugh. I didn’t miss this feeling. But I got started on the 1001 Nights mural. Woo!

Magical book FTW!
Magical book FTW!

This morning I felt the laziness (also partly from fatigue) from poor food choices. I forced myself to make pancakes to fight laziness, but then I wasn’t satisfied because there was no topping so I hopped straight back to the chips. Every time I binge on the chips, my heart starts racing and I get very agitated. Yeah, I may not have grabbed the cookies and pastries, but I’m sliding. Hard. It was a good day at work. I got through most of the day without eating what I shouldn’t. Then I think in the last hour, yup. Back to chips. It’s crazy. I should check the cravings list again and see what my body wants instead of salty crap. Because now it just wants EVERYTHING. No more bad snacks in the house. I’m surprised I didn’t eat the last Larabar yet through all of this! But more Skype chats with the boyfriend. Definitely. TEN DAYS!!!!


  • BREAKFAST: Pancakes
  • SNACK: Chips
  • LUNCH: Bison burger with sauteed broccoli and mushroom
  • SNACK: Chips
  • DINNER: Chicken stir-fry

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