On Today’s Menu: Wednesday April 2, 2014

“It was going so well. . .” Thanks for forever captioning my life, Wil Wheaton. Even if you’re an ignorant boob when it comes to politics. That’s not the focus so we won’t dwell. I had the rest of my organic spaghetti squash for breakfast with chicken stir-fry. I figured it would get me through grocery shopping. Want to know what happened next? I went to Kroger and got really angry because gas prices are sky-rocketing right now as I need gas. Then I shopped for what I could from Kroger which still sent me soaring past this week’s budget. Then I got hungry again (because my body is out of whack) and was too hangry to go to the Farmer’s Market or get gas. So I ate. . .Burger King. Blech! I miss my body feeling good. I’m sorry I let you down, body. We’ll fix this together.

Highlights: I got some chores done so it was still a non-zero day. Changed the litter. Took out the garbage. Shopping. I bought the corset for my sexy cross-dressy hero theme for POC. Boom! I have almost everything I need for Mario so I put together what I had to see how it looked so far. Here’s the current milestone.

The brick popped right before the camera took the picture.
The brick popped right before the camera took the picture.

Struggles: Nothing but emotional eating today. Yeeesh. I sat there and ate Burger King and then ate a larabar dipped in sunbutter. Oh dear oh dear. I was hurting today. Really badly. The latter half of my day was significantly less productive. The evening was me moaning in pain and wanting to die. I always say “lesson learned”. Two weeks later we find out the truth.


  • BREAKFAST: Chicken stir-fry with spaghetti squash
  • LUNCH: 2 Big King burgers (. . .with all three buns each. . .BARF)
  • SNACK: Larabar with sunbutter, then just sunbutter on my finger
  • DRINK: Kombucha (two flavors were on sale with the manager’s special so I thought I’d give it a shot)

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