On Today’s Menu: Saturday April 5, 2014

I wonder if there’s an easier way to keep up with this blog. I miss strings of days mostly because I write the posts at night when I get home, but on late nights it’s difficult. Maybe on those days I’ll give a general yay or nay on the day and just write the menu. It’s really to keep track of what I’ve been eating. Like Thursday I survived the night of heartburn and did alright during the day except my struggle at Kroger for sugar. I caved. Now there’s dark chocolate and sunbutter in the house, but I made my frittata and some baked chicken. That was an all day effort. And Friday, yesterday, I tried to get back in gear, but my lunch salad was GROSS so I had to go out and buy burger lunch (SO NOT GROSS!) to get out of the center and away from the baked sweets and muffins littering the place. Good call. But then I ate more chocolate and sunbutter.

Thankfully my brother is always there to be my rock. He pointed out something very significant: my snack binges have evolved from “Oh I’ll just have a cupcake/a slice of cheesecakes/Taco Bell/Waffle House this one time” to “I’ll just have 85% dark chocolate and sunbutter til I’m stuffed.” That’s more significant than my emotional brain is allowing it to be. It’s a big freaking deal.

Today was a long and slow day and my emotions were running rampant making it even longer and slower. SIX DAYS!!!!!! But I had a great day with food. I even took a walk through Atlantic Station in the sunshine and went perusing through clothing stores. The Loft is having a sale and I think I need to get me some work skirts and some shorts I fell in love with. I’m ditching denim. I want to dress like the lady I want to be. Classy and sexy. 😉 For the love of the cosmic boogieman, please stop calling me cute! (I’ll regret that statement one day I’m sure. Haha!)


  • BREAKFAST: Frittata and ham with a glass of vanilla almond milk
  • LUNCH: Hot dogs with mustard, a side of broccoli and sauteed onions
  • SNACK: Lara bar
  • DINNER: Leftover chicken stir fry

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