On Today’s Menu: Monday April 7, 2014

FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even the skies weep with excitment that both the boyfriend’s and my parents’ and brother’s visits are less than a week away. The skies can calm down a little though. Although if today’s soggy weather is the trade for this weekend’s beauty, then I’ll take it! I’m definitely wearing shorts to pickup der bofrend! Today I was looking classy too! You don’t know it, but I deleted the word “cute”. That’s how ingrained into my self descriptions it is! . . .that sounds conceited. Back to another good Monday! The phones were easy enough.

“Hi, I’d like tickets for Charlotte’s web tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry. We’re sold out all week until Saturday.”

“I wanted to know if you happened to have any tickets left for Charlotte’s Web Thursday. Preferably the 10am show.”

“I’m sorry. We’re actually sold out all week until Saturday.”

Easy peasy. Just slow. Another fast slow day.

Highlights: I’m working out how to get my brother and I some Paleo cupcakes. Professional Paleo cupcakes. But we’ll probably just go to Gluten Free Cutie. It seems less of a hassle and it’s closer. Maybe June we’ll work it out. Maybe this time we’ll work it out. I don’t know. I’m not planning much this time. 🙂 My co-worker is going to make me a chain to go with the rhinestone bow tie I nabbed from Lost and Found! That’s going to ROCK! I ate well today despite more long stretches of boredom. I got to Skype and share my victories with my brother who is cooler than your brothers. He’s my Grok rock.

Struggles: I feel like I’m getting hungry more frequently despite my filling breakfast. Maybe it’s the sweetened vanilla almond milk triggering my insulin. Oh I hope not. I can’t stand plain almond milk. Blech! It’s dawning on me how little prep time and shopping time I’m going to have between now and Friday. I also don’t know how much to plan to buy for this shopping trip. How much produce if we’re going to be eating out a lot? Are we going to be eating out a lot? Should I not anticipate eating out for breakfast, just later meals? Maybe just dinner? I don’t know. This is what happens to me when I don’t plan!


  • BREAKFAST: Frittata, two slices of ham
  • LUNCH: Ham wraps with paleonnaise
  • SNACK: Larabar and a piece of Katy’s larabar
  • DINNER: Chicken legs and sauteed cauliflower

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