On Today’s Menu: Sunday April 6

This is clearly going to be another of those really fast slow weeks. My days are occupied, but I want them to move on entirely! At least it was a good day at work. The kitty I fed last night (did I tell you about that cutie? Here: 20140405_210442 ) came back just as I was leaving so I couldn’t feed it. Then after a conversation with a co-worker I realized I probably just got played by an outdoor cat. Curse my love of sweet looking animals! I realize my excitement for this weekend is getting the best of me. Sorry, folks in the Ticket office.

Highlights: My co-worker from Horizon  came to the museum today. That was cool. I ate so well today! No bad snacking despite boredom. Two of my friends were talking to me about living Paleo. Totally unrelated conversations! One asked about tips to get started and stay with it. One asking about baking substitutes. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Happiness overflooooooooooow! I’m especially glad I didn’t binge on chocolate and sunbutter today! Bluberry banana smoothie instead! I’m no leader, I’m not perfect by any means, but if I could help anyone live happier, my life is a good one.

Struggles: Lots of down time means lots of idle hands waiting to do the Devil’s work. The Devil is a fatty McFat Fat. My emotions are going strong this week and it’s manifesting as word as word vomit. I hope I’m not bugging anybody. I am still fighting laziness to prep for the weekend. I’m afraid I’ll fall into another spiral this weekend. I’ll want to eat a lot of not okay things and give myself leniency, but I really want to hold strong.


  • BREAKFAST: Salad (I used a different dressing on the salad that was gross before)
  • SNACK: Larabar
  • LUNCH: Chicken fries (chicken tenders cut too thin)
  • SNACK: Smoothie

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